10 Most Recently Finalized Statutes

Real Property Lease Extension - Multiple Ownership - 651 Bryant Street - $577,920 Annual Base Rent

Resolution authorizing the General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to exercise a lease extension for the real property located at 651 Bryant Street with William H. Banker, Jr., Successor Trustee of The Banker Trust dated April 20, 1992, Fillmore C. Marks, Trustee of The Fillmore and Barbara Marks 1992 Trust, Fillmore Douglas Marks, William C. Marks, and Bradford F. Marks, tenants in common, collectively as landlord, for a ten year extension term, commencing on November 1...

Mayoral Appointment, Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors - Steve Heminger

Motion approving the Mayor’s nomination for the appointment of Steve Heminger to the Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors, for a term ending March 1, 2023.

Assessment Ballots for City Parcels - North of Market/Tenderloin Community Benefit District

Resolution authorizing the Mayor or their designee(s) to cast an assessment ballot in the affirmative for the proposed renewal and expansion of a property and business improvement district to be named the North of Market/Tenderloin Community Benefit District, with respect to certain parcels of real property owned by the City that would be subject to assessment in said District.

Grant Agreement - San Francisco In-Home Supportive Service Public Authority - Provider Benefits and Administration Contract Approval - Not to Exceed $255,912,584

Resolution authorizing the Executive Director of the Human Services Agency to execute a grant agreement between the City and County of San Francisco, by and through its Human Services Agency, and San Francisco In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority for the provision of administration, health, and dental benefits to IHSS independent providers for the period of July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2022, in an amount not to exceed of $255,912,584.

Participation Agreement - California Mental Health Services Authority - Tech Suite Mental Health Services Act Innovation Program - Not to Exceed $1,197,821

Resolution authorizing the Director of Health to enter into a participation agreement between San Francisco Department of Public Health Behavioral Health Services and the California Mental Health Services Authority, for the Tech Suite Mental Health Services Act Innovation Program for the development of technology-based mental health solutions intended to increase access to mental health support to underserved communities, for an amount not to exceed $1,197,821 for the term of June 1, 2019, throu...

Grant Agreement Amendment - Homebridge - Contract Mode In-Home Supportive Services and Provider Skill Development Training and Supports - Not to Exceed $90,722,855

Resolution approving a first amendment to the grant agreement between the City and County of San Francisco and Homebridge, for the provision of contract mode in-home supportive services and provider skill development training and supports; to increase the amount by $23,749,925 for a total amount not to exceed $90,722,855; and to extend the term from June 30, 2019, for a total agreement term of April 1, 2017, through June 30, 2020.

Real Property Master Lease - JELANI INC. - 1601 Quesada Avenue - $217,200 Initial Year

Resolution approving a master lease of a building consisting of approximately 10,225 square feet located at 1601 Quesada Avenue, with JELANI INC., a California non-profit public benefit corporation as landlord, for an initial ten-year term, to commence following Board approval no later than September 30, 2019, at a base rent of $18,100 per month ($217,200 per year), plus two additional terms of ten years each, increased annually by 1%, for use by the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Hou...

Public Works Code - Waiver of Temporary Street Space Occupancy Permit Fee - Small Business Week Sidewalk Sales

Ordinance waiving the fee required by Public Works Code, Section 724.1(b), for temporary street space occupancy permits on certain designated City streets on Saturday, May 11, 2019, to promote Small Business Week.

Administrative Code - Acquisition of Surveillance Technology

Ordinance amending the Administrative Code to require that City departments acquiring surveillance technology, or entering into agreements to receive information from non-City owned surveillance technology, submit a Board of Supervisors approved Surveillance Technology Policy Ordinance, based on a policy or policies developed by the Committee on Information Technology (COIT), and a Surveillance Impact Report to the Board in connection with any request to appropriate funds for the purchase of suc...

Planning Code - Interim Zoning Moratorium on Change of Nighttime Entertainment Use - One Maritime Plaza Area

Urgency ordinance approving an interim zoning moratorium for 45 days on changes of nighttime entertainment use in the One Maritime Plaza area bounded by Jackson Street to the north, Sacramento Street to the south, Drumm Street to the west, and Sansome Street to the east; affirming the Planning Department’s determination under the California Environmental Quality Act; and making findings of consistency with the General Plan, and the eight priority policies of Planning Code, Section 101.1.