10 Most Recently Finalized Statutes


19. Consider recommendations relating to extending and modifying terms of the current contracts for Wraparound Services. (Social Services Agency)


* 47. Agreement with Abaris Group for Emergency Medical Services Strategic Assessment and Planning

Wastewater Revenue Bond Issuance and Sale - Not to Exceed $522,810,000

Ordinance approving the issuance and sale of wastewater revenue bonds by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $522,810,000 to finance various projects benefitting the Wastewater Enterprise pursuant to amendments to the Charter of the City and County of San Francisco enacted by the voters on November 5, 2002, as Proposition E; and ratifying previous actions taken in connection therewith.

Sale of General Obligation Bonds - Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response - Not to Exceed $40,410,000

Resolution authorizing and directing the sale of not to exceed $40,410,000 aggregate principal amount of City and County of San Francisco General Obligation Bonds, Series 2012E; prescribing the form and terms of said bonds; authorizing the execution, authentication, and registration of said bonds; providing for the appointment of depositories and other agents for said bonds; providing for the establishment of accounts related to said bonds; providing for the manner of sale of said bonds by compe...

Confirming Appointment, Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors - Cristina Rubke

Motion confirming the Mayor’s appointment of Cristina Rubke, term ending March 1, 2016, to the Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors.


22. Direct staff to include discussion of relocating Elmwood as part of County Civic Master Plan Study

Airport Lease and Operating Agreement - Smarte Carte, Inc. - Not to Exceed $9,406,000

Resolution approving the Luggage Cart Lease and Operating Agreement between Smarte Carte, Inc., and the City and County of San Francisco, acting by and through its Airport Commission in an amount not-to-exceed $9,406,000.