10 Most Recently Finalized Statutes


22. Facilities and Fleet Department Fund 0050 Adjustments


12. Public Safety and Justice Committee - June 1, 2011


* 85. Agreement with California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation relating to diagnostic, treatment, and temporary detention services.

Business and Tax Regulations Code - Citizen's Advisory Committee - Central Market Street and Tenderloin Area

Ordinance amending the San Francisco Business and Tax Regulations Code, Article 12-A, by adding Section 906.3-1 to establish a Citizen's Advisory Committee for the Central Market Street and Tenderloin Area.

General Obligation Bonds - Road Repaving and Street Safety - $248,000,000

Resolution determining and declaring that the public interest and necessity demand the repaving and reconstruction of roads, the rehabilitation and seismic improvement of street structures, the replacement of sidewalks, the installation and renovation of curb ramps, the redesign of streetscapes to include pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements, and the construction, rehabilitation, and renovation of traffic infrastructure and the payment of related costs necessary or convenient for the foreg...

Agreement - Administration/Management of Ocean Avenue Community Benefits District

Resolution approving an agreement with the nonprofit Owners' Association for administration/management of the property-based business improvement district known as the “Ocean Avenue Community Benefits District,” pursuant to California Streets and Highways Code Section 36651.


12. Status Report on Proposed Health Element to the County General Plan


9. Road and Airports Department FY 2012 Recommended Budget and Calendar Year 2011 Master Capital Projects Plan