10 Most Recently Finalized Statutes

Resolution to Establish - Moscone Expansion Business Improvement District

Resolution of formation to establish a business-based business improvement district to be known as the “Moscone Expansion District;” levying assessments against defined hotel businesses located in that district for 32 years; providing for the determination, imposition, collection, and enforcement of the assessments; and making environmental findings.

Contract Amendment - Renewable Energy and Climate Change Professional Services - $31,400,000

Resolution approving the Fourth Amendment to the contract with ICF Resources, LLC, for Renewable Energy and Climate Change Professional Services, to increase the amount of the contract by $12,400,000 for a total of $31,400,000 and to extend the term of the contract from July 1, 2014, to December 31, 2016.


Approve Agreement with EHC LifeBuilders relating to providing intensive case management services to chronically homeless individuals and families in an amount not to exceed $41,667 for period February 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013, that has been reviewed and approved by County Counsel as to form and legality.


Held from January 15, 2013 (Item No. 29): Accept report relating to recommendations from the Small Business Summit including timelines for implementation.

Electric System and Solar Project Agreement - North Star Solar, LLC

Ordinance authorizing, pursuant to Charter Section 9.118(a), a System Impact Mitigation Agreement with North Star Solar, LLC, requiring North Star Solar, LLC, to pay the Public Utilities Commission the costs necessary to mitigate the impacts to the City’s electric system caused by the interconnection of North Star Solar, LLC’s solar project to the electric grid; authorizing similar mitigation agreements with other projects in the future; appropriating funds from these agreements to pay the c...


Accept report from Social Services Agency relating to Step Up Silicon Valley Pilot Project.


Accept the internal audit reports from the Finance Agency relating to the audits of Procurement Card (P-Card) transactions for all the offices of the Board of Supervisors (Districts 1-5), and the audit report of expenditures for non-personnel services and supplies of District 2.


Request a report from Administration relating to alternative options to a Procurement Card for the Offices of the Board of Supervisors. (Cortese)


Adopt Resolution establishing a moratorium prohibiting the use of County funds for donations without specific Board approval. (Roll Call Vote)


Approve Agreement with the VMC Foundation relating to providing funding for the costs associated with the administration of the Foundation in an amount not to exceed $530,000 annually for period January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2018, with the option to renew for one two-year term, that has been reviewed and approved by County Counsel as to form and legality. (County Executive)