3967858 - Hearing - Appeal of Determination of Exemption From Environmental Review - Seawall Lot 330

San Francisco

Hearing of persons interested in or objecting to the determination of exemption from environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act issued as a Categorical Exemption by the Planning Department on April 19, 2019, for the proposed project at Seawall Lot 330 that includes the installation of a SAFE Navigation Center for up to 200 people and removal of approximately 155 surface parking spaces; installation of two portable structures to serve as dormitories containing up to 200 beds and an additional demountable tensile structure of approximately 6,000 square feet, which includes 1,640 square feet of office space, 2,520 square feet of community and dining space with a pantry room, and 1,840 square feet of additional support space; and installation of additional temporary structures to contain 25 toilets, 6 urinals, and 18 showers, and placement of 12 shipping containers on-site for client storage needs, creating an approximately 10,000 square-foot outdoor gathering space. (District 6) (Appellants: Stephen M. Williams of the Law Offices of Stephen M. Williams, on behalf of Portside Master Association and Portside Homeowners Association, and Peter Prows of Briscoe Ivester & Bazel LLP, on behalf of Safe Embarcadero For All) (Filed May 22, 2019, and May 23, 2019, respectively)

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