3839608 - Administrative Code - Definition of Tourist or Transient Use Under the Hotel Conversion Ordinance - Post Pkt Correspondence 052119

ZACKS, FREEDMAN & PATTERSON A P ROFESSIONAL CoRPORATION May 21,2019 VIA MESSENGER President Norman Yee San Francisco Board of Supervisors Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place City Hall, Room 244 San Francisco , CA 941 02 5 Montgomery Street, S uite 4 00 San F ra n cisco, Californi a 94104 Telep hon e ( 41 5) 956-8 100 Facsimile  (4 15 )  288- 9755 www.zfplaw.com RE:  File No. 190049 [Administrative Code-Definition of Tourist or Transient Use Under the Hotel Conversion Ordinance].  Board of Supervisors Meeting, May 21, 2019 Dear President Yee and Supervisors:
This office represents the San Francisco SRO Hotel Coalition , Hotel Des Arts, and numerous other individual owners of SROs (collectively "Owners"). As we have previously advised, the proposed Amendment requires proper environmental review pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act, including , inter alia, a new referral to the Planning Commission for public hearing.  Unless or until all necessary CEQA review and public hearings are completed, the proposed Amendment cannot be enacted. Additionally , enacting the proposed Amendment at this time would violate the stipulation and Court order in San Francisco SRO Hotel Coalition , et al. v.  City and Cty . of San Francisco , San Francisco Superior Court Case No. CPF-17-515656 (issued Nov. 30, 2018, attached hereto as Exh.  A). Any change to the SRO minimum stay requirement may only be made pursuant to a judgment or further order of the Co mi. Respectfully submitted, ZACKS, FREEDMAN
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DENNIS J. HERRERA, State Bar#l39669 City Attorney ANDREA RUIZ-ESQUIDE, StateBar#233731 KRISTEN A. JENSEN, state Bar #130196 JAMES M. EMERY, StatcBar#l53630 Deputy City Attorneys City Hall, Room 234 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place San Francisco, California 94102-4682 Tele~hone: (415) 554-4647 Facs1mile: (415) _554-4757 E-Mail: andrea.ruiz-esg_uide@sfcityatty.org kristen.jensen@)sfcityatty .org jim.emery@sfcityatty.org Attorneys for Defendants CITY AND COUNTY OF ~AN FRANCISCO FILED San Francisco Countv Suoerior Court
. 13 UNLIMITED JURISDICTION SAN FRANCISCO SRO HOTEL COALITION, an unincorporated association, HOTEL DES ARTS, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and BRENT HAAS, Plaintiffs, vs. CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN
·FRANCISCO, a public agency, acting by and through the BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO; DEPARTMENT OF BUILDING INSPECTION OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO;. EDWIN LEE, in his official capacity as Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco, Defendants. Case No. CPF-17-515656 STIPULATION AND ORDER REGARDING PLAINTIFFS' MOTION FOR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION . CEQAACTION Date: Dec. 19,2018 Time: 9:30a.m. Dept: CEQA, room 503 Judge: Hon. Cynthia Ming-mei Lee Date Action Filed: May 8, 2017 Trial Date: Jan. 18, 2019 STIP AND fPROf166e"l ORDER RE PI CASE NO. CPF-17-515656 c:\users\cheinichen ppdata\local\micr osoft\windows	emporary internet flles\conlent.outlook\xkexbi6klpropose d a tip 1111d order 11.28, 18 .dcx:x

WHEREAS, on June 7, 2017, Plaintiffs' motion for preliminary injunction ("the Motion") came on for hearing in room 503 ofthis Court, located at 400 McAllister Street, San Francisco, the Hon. Teri L. Jackson, presiding;
. .

WHEREAS, on June 14, 2017, this Court entered an Order denying the Motion and
·Plaintiffs appealed;

WHEREAS, on October 15, 2018, the Court of Appeal filed its decision in Appeal No. Al5184 7 ("the Decision"). In the Decision, the Court reversed this Court's Order denying the Motion and remanded the matter for a determination of the balance of the hardships as between the City and County of San Francisco and SRO hotel owners;
NOW THEREFORE, 1. San Francisco agrees that pending final resolution of this action, or further order ofthe Superior Court, subsections 41.20(a)(2) and (a)(3) of the Hotel Conversion Ordinance
(S.F. Admin. Code,§ 41) are inoperable and shall not be enf~rced in any way, by any person or entity, for any purpose; and . This stipulation and order disposes of the pending Motion. SO STIPULATED. Date: NovembefJ '\, 2018 ZACKS, FREEDMAN & PATTERSON, PC
Andrew Zacks Attorneys for Plaintiffs/Petitioners Date: November~. 2018
~~AL~--------ArthurCoon Attorneys for Plaintiffs/Petitioners STIP AND t£BOROSI!BTORDER RB PI CASE NO. CPP-17·515656 ~:\uscrs\chcinlchcn\appdata\locallmlcr osoft\windows	emporary internet files\contcnt.outlook\Kkcxbi6k\proposa d stip and order 11.28.18.docx Date; November 'Z.'~, 2018 DENNIS HERRERA San Francisco City Attorney PURSUANT TO THE PARTIES' STIPULATION, AND GOOD CAUSE APPEARING, IT IS SO
. 7 ORDERED: Date: November ~, 2018 STIP ANDtpR.OPQBJ!f)] ORDER RE PI
Hon. Cynthia Ming-mei Lee Judge San Francisco Superior Court CASE NO. CPF-17·515656 c:\uscrs\ehcinlchen ppdata\local
nicr osoft\windows	empornry internet files\contcnl.outlook\xkexbi6k\propose d slip and order 11.28.18.docx