3829805 - Settlement of Lawsuit - Winfield International, Inc. - $500,000

San Francisco

Ordinance authorizing settlement of the lawsuit filed by Winfield International, Inc. against the City and County of San Francisco for a payment by Winfield International, Inc. of $500,000; the lawsuit was filed on March 20, 2017, in San Francisco Superior Court, Case No. CPF-17-515532 (Appeal No. A153209); entitled Winfield International, Inc. v. City and County of San Francisco; the lawsuit challenges the City's enforcement of the Below Market Rate housing conditions of approval applicable to Petitioner's real property located at 3000 23rd Street; other material terms of the settlement include recording a notice of special restrictions reflecting the Below Market Rate conditions of approval applicable to the real property; and a 12-month extension and related lease terms for the current tenant of Unit No. 205.

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