3494377 - Proposed Budget and Appropriation Ordinance for Selected Departments, as of May 1, 2018, for FYs 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 - SFO Response 051718 Mtg

SUBJECT:  San Francisco International Airport May 23, 2018 San Francisco Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee Supervisor Malia Cohen, Chair Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, Vice Chair Supervisor Catherine Stefani Supervisor Jeff Sheehy Supervisor Norman Yee Airport
s Follow-up to May 17, 2018 Budget
Finance Committee Hearing At the Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee meeting of May 17, 2018, Committee members had a series of questions about proposed Airport budget items and policies.  I would like to take the opportunity to follow-up in detail below on these outstanding issues and am prepared to discuss them further at the May 25, 2018 Committee meeting as well. POLICE STAFFING What's driving increased need for police officers?
{Supervisor Cohen)
Passenger traffic at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has increased substantially over the last years from 39.7 million passengers in 1997 to 54 million passengers in 2017. San Francisco Police Department Airport Bureau  (SFPD-AB)  budgeted positions have not kept pace with the increased passenger growth. Passenger levels have increased by 36%  and SFPD-AB budgeted positions have increased by 9%.

• 1997:  130 Officer level positions budgeted

• 2017:  142 Officer level positions budgeted Additionally, since 1997, the Airport has added 2.6 million square feet of terminal space and growth will continue with future development and construction.  Consistent security coverage is required for all airfield and construction projects.

• -1998 Rental Car Facility opened

• 2000 International Terminal Building opened

• 2003 AirTrain System began operations

• 2003 SFO BART Station opened The Airport needs to manage the impact of increased vehicular traffic by Transportation Network Companies  (TNCs) such as Lyft and Uber  (687,000 trips in 2017).  Additionally, we must ensure a strong, visible security presence to mitigate the threat of active shooter incidents and address global terrorism in public areas of the Airport. Are there any federal dollars to assist with ramping up police at the Airport?
{Supervisor Cohen)
Beyond federal appropriations for the Transportation Security Administration  (TSA), Department of AIRPORT COMMISSION CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO MARK FARRELL MAYOR  "LARRY MAZZOLA PRESIDENT LINDA S. CRAYTON VICE PRESIDENT ELEANOR JOHNS RICHARD J. GUGGENHIME PETER A. STERN Post Office Box 8097 San Francisco, California 94128 Tel 650.  821.5000 Fax 650.  821.5005 www.flysfo.com IVAR C. SATERO AIRPORT DIRECTOR Airport Budget Hearing Follow-up May 23, 2018 of 6 We will assess the various job functions used by the Airport's Prop J service providers and consult with DHR and the Civil Service Commission to determine the feasibility of bringing these functions in-house as City jobs. As leases expire over the next few years for certain services at the Airport, such as the rental of luggage carts, we will determine the feasibility of bringing these services in-house to provide entry level jobs for San Franc isco residents. Local hiring policy for Airport hiring in addition to construction iobs? (Supervisor Fewer)
At this time, the City and County's Local Hire legislation only applies to construction opportunities.  For non-construction, the Airport ensures the City  & County's First Source hiring provisions are included in all of our relevant agreements. OEWD is the regulatory authority for both Local Hire and First Source, and our work order with OEWD includes funding for overseeing SFO's compliance with these two pieces of legislation. To maximize compliance and opportunities for disadvantaged individuals, the Airport's ECD staff works with each of our tenants to ensure they post all entry-level jobs with OEWD.  Our tracking shows that approximately 90% of the job placements reported last year at the Airport  (1,141) were for entry-level positions. Job opportunities/outreach to homeless population?  (Supervisor Fewer)
Airport ECD staff works with HSA and their network of homeless providers on referring participants to our jobs, including the following:

• Downtown Streets Team

• Back on My Feet

• Community Housing Partnership

• Hospitality House

• Episcopal Community Services SFO participates in tours, presentations and workshops specifically targeted to these homeless providers, and has had success with hires at airline catering companies. TERMINAL CURBSIDE CONGESTION Curbside Congestion Mitigation (Supervisor Fewer)
Traffic Improvement Goals

• Reduce vehicle back-ups beyond the International Terminal on Domestic Terminal inbound r

• Maint ain minimum average speed of 15 mph on the inbound roadways The Airport has determined that 50%  (one of every two cars)  on terminal roadways is a TNC and has developed a phased TNC Traffic Improvement Plan to improve curbside congestion.  Phase 1 contains