Issues related to public transit, roads, signage and lights, bridges, etc.

Banking development districts.

Airports: financial assistance.

Political Reform Act of 1974.

Existing law requires the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission to implement the Alternative and Renewable Fuel Vehicle Technology Program to provide financial assistance to develop and deploy innovative technologies that transform California’s fuel and vehicle types to help attain the state’s climate change policies. Existing law includes within the program alternative and renewable fuel infrastructure, fueling stations, and equipment. This bill would specify that alte...


Hearing to consider establishment of new fees for the Roads and Airports Department relating to real estate services.

Jurisdictional Transfer and Exchange of City Property - Municipal Transportation Agency - Real Estate Division - 1419 Bryant Street - 1200-15th Street - $0

Resolution approving the jurisdictional transfer of 1419 Bryant Street, a portion of Assessor's Parcel Block No. 3904, Lot No. 002, consisting of approximately 48,000 square feet, currently under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) to the Real Estate Division on behalf of Animal Care and Control (ACC), and 1200-15th Street, Assessor’s Parcel Block No. 3925, Lot No. 002, consisting of 15,260 square feet improved with an office building of approximately 29,116 rentable...

Qualified grocery employee: certification and apprenticeship.

Existing law authorizes certain toll facilities on public highways. Existing law creates the Orange County Transportation Authority with various powers and duties. This bill would prohibit the Department of Transportation from seeking or providing funding for a toll facility, as defined, to be implemented and constructed lane on a public highway within the boundaries of the County of Orange unless the project is approved by a 2/3 vote of the electorate in the county. Orange County Transportatio...

Transportation bonds: highway, street, and road projects.

Transportation bonds: highway, street, and road projects.

Cut flowers and cut greens: importation for sale: production standards.

The California River Revitalization and Greenway Development Act of 2015.


Ordinance amending the Administrative Code to require the installation and use of telematic vehicle tracking systems in all motor vehicles owned or leased by the City and submission of an annual report by the City Administrator on vehicle use based on data derived from those systems; and affirming the Planning Department’s determination under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Transportation funding.

Transportation funding.