Issues related to public transit, roads, signage and lights, bridges, etc.

Employee wages: payment.

Active Transportation Program: school zone safety projects.

Hearing - Status of City Employee Positions Exempt from Civil Service

Hearing on the status of permanent and temporary exempt City and County employee positions excluded from the civil service system, including the numbers of exempt positions each year since 2007, the exemption categories, the classifications of these positions, and the race and gender demographics of exempt employees; and requesting the Department of Human Resources, Civil Service Commission, Municipal Transportation Agency, Public Works, Recreation and Parks Department, General Services Agency,...


Receive report from the Parks and Recreation Department relating to the Sanborn County Park Master Plan and forward a favorable recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.


Ordinance amending the Health Code to permit the imposition of administrative fines for violations of the duty to provide clean and sanitary washrooms for the use of gasoline station patrons.

Developmental services: integrated competitive employment.

Environmental quality: housing developments.


Receive report relating to the subcommittees of the Race Equity in Justice Systems (REJS) Workgroup.

Teachers: Computer Science Access Initiative.

Public employees’ retirement: investments: Turkish investment vehicles.


Receive report from the Parks and Recreation Department relating to Martial Cottle Park Community Garden.

Federal public lands.

Renewable fuels.


Approve Request for Appropriation Modification No. 212 - $33,473 increasing revenue and expenditures in the Office of the District Attorney budget, relating to the Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Act Grant Program. (4/5 Roll Call Vote)