Issues related to individual rights, freedoms, etc.

Petitions and Communications

Petitions and Communications received from January 23, 2017, through January 30, 2017, for reference by the President to Committee considering related matters, or to be ordered filed by the Clerk on February 7, 2017. Personal information that is provided in communications to the Board of Supervisors is subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act and the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance. Personal information will not be redacted. From Mayor Lee, designating Supervisor M...

Bobcats: take prohibition.

Health care service plans: abortion coverage.


Consider Inventory Item relating to human trafficking service needs as identified by the Human Trafficking Work Groups and presented to Children, Seniors and Families Committee by the Office of Women's Policy, and forward to the Board of Supervisors for consideration. (Supervisor Chavez)


Consider Inventory Item relating to the provision of case management and emergency shelter or housing assistance for human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault victims, and forward to the Board of Supervisors for consideration. (Supervisor Chavez)

Nonminor dependents.

Taxation: exemptions: public schools.

School facilities: approval of plans.

Public benefits: eligibility determinations.

Emergency services: telecommunications.

Existing law authorizes the Department of Veterans Affairs to establish a pilot project for the purpose of establishing a cooperative housing project for veterans and their families. This bill would make technical, nonsubstantive changes to those provisions.

Department of Water Resources: grant: Friant-Kern Canal.

Workers’ compensation: public employees.


Discuss Domestic Violence Council Work Plan for Fiscal Year July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 (FY 2020) and Accomplishments for FY 2019, to be submitted to the Clerk of the Board by April 1, 2019, and subsequently forwarded to the Board of Supervisors through the Public Safety and Justice Committee.