Issues related to healthcare, medicare, and any other issues regarding affordable care.

University of California retirement plans: asset managers: contracts.

Investigational drugs, biological products, or devices: right to try.


Consider Inventory Item No. 5 relating to the addition of one Program Manager position for the Office of LGBTQ affairs and forward to the Board of Supervisors for consideration. (Yeager)

Building energy efficiency standards: solar reflectance of roofs.

Identity theft: unemployment insurance base wage file.


Resolution approving an emergency public work contract under Administrative Code, Section 6.60, with Kone, Inc., to renovate and upgrade the elevators at 170 Otis Street in an amount not to exceed $460,100.

California State University: Center to Close Achievement Gaps.

Water equipment: backflow prevention devices testing: certification.

Hazardous materials: business plans.

Earthquake loss mitigation: grant programs.



Natural gas storage wells: monitoring and reporting.

Existing law establishes a system of public elementary and secondary schools in this state, and authorizes local educational agencies throughout the state to provide instruction to pupils. This bill would establish the Safe and Supportive Schools Train the Trainer Program. The bill, to the extent that one-time funding is made available in the Budget Act of 2015, would require the State Department of Education to apportion funds to a designated county office of education, selected from applicant...