Issues related to healthcare, medicare, and any other issues regarding affordable care.


Approve delegation of authority to County Executive, or designee, to amend the Agreement with Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara County relating to providing CalWORKs Child Care Resource and Referral Services, increasing the maximum contract amount by an amount not to exceed $100,000 and extending the agreement for up to a six-month period through June 30, 2018, following approval by County Counsel as to form and legality, and approval by the Office of the County Executive. Delegation o...

Apply for Grant - Health Resources Services Administration - Ryan White Act HIV/AIDS Emergency Relief Grant Program - $16,601,550

Resolution authorizing the Department of Public Health to submit an application to continue to receive funding for the Ryan White Act HIV/AIDS Emergency Relief Grant Program grant from the Health Resources Services Administration, requesting $16,601,550 in HIV emergency relief program funding for the San Francisco Eligible Metropolitan Area for the period of March 1, 2018, through February 28, 2019.

Apply for Grant - Centers for Disease Control - Integrated HIV Surveillance and Prevention Programs for Health Departments - $7,257,408

Resolution authorizing the Department of Public Health to submit a one-year application for calendar year 2018 to continue to receive funding for the Integrated HIV Surveillance and Prevention Programs for Health Departments grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, requesting $7,257,408 in HIV prevention funding for San Francisco from January 1, 2018, through December 31, 2018.

Emergency Declaration - Declaration of Homeless Shelter Emergency and Authorizing Certain Emergency Contracting Provisions

Resolution declaring a homeless shelter emergency, and authorizing the Director of Public Works to construct, improve, or repair facilities pursuant to Administrative Code, Section 6.60(a); and the Director of the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing to contract for homeless services and to offer such services to protect the health, safety, and welfare of individuals affected by homelessness and all San Francisco citizens in accordance with the requirements in Administrative Code, S...


Adopt Resolution in Support of the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Burn Center. (Roll Call Vote)

Accept-Expend Reimbursement Funds - Governor's Office of Emergency Services - San Francisco International Airport's 9-1-1 Telephone System - $255,000

Resolution authorizing the Airport Commission to accept and expend reimbursement funds in the amount of $255,000 from the State of California 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Branch of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services for the upgrade of the San Francisco International Airport’s 9-1-1 Telephone System, for a term to commence following Board approval, through April 2017.

Acquisition of Property at 814-820 Bryant Street, 444-6th Street, 450 6th-Street, and 470-6th Street - Various Owners - At Fair Market Value - Not to Exceed $16,750,000

Resolution authorizing the acquisition of real property at 814-820 Bryant Street, 444-6th Street, 450-6th Street, and 470-6th Street (Assessor’s Block No. 3759, Lot Nos. 009, 012, 014, 043, and 045) from Lin Trust, Musso Trust, and Myung Chun, respectively; and the issuance of Commercial Paper Notes in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $16,750,000.

Appropriation - Certificates of Participation for Acquisition of Property - $16,750,000 - FY2015-2016

Ordinance appropriating $16,750,000 in Certificates of Participation for acquisition of property adjacent to the Hall of Justice in FY2015-2016, and placing these funds on Controller’s Reserve pending the sale of the Certificates.

Appropriation and De-Appropriation - Expenditures for Mental Health Services - $1,483,000 - FY2015-2016

Ordinance appropriating $1,483,000 for capital construction for the renovation of San Francisco General Hospital to accommodate mental health services in the Department of Public Health and de-appropriating $1,483,000 in FY2015-2016.

Extension of Existing Local Agency Formation Commission Position

Resolution extending the term of employment of the existing 9775 Senior Community Development Specialist II position of the Local Agency Formation Commission for an additional two years, term ending June 30, 2018.