Issues related to healthcare, medicare, and any other issues regarding affordable care.


Receive report from Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System relating to General Fund and Enterprise Fund financial statements.

Hearing - Traffic Calming and Safety Measures on High-Injury Corridors - Vision Zero Priorities

Hearing on all the physical infrastructure improvements, traffic calming and safety measures, and educational outreach campaigns undertaken over the past five years to improve safety along high-injury corridors; and requesting the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, Public Works, and the Department of Public Health to report.


Receive report from County of Santa Clara Health System relating to items pending for the Board of Supervisors.




Approve policies and procedures for Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

Hearing - Juvenile Probation Department - Policies, Practices and Cost-Effectiveness of Services

Hearing to examine the Juvenile Probation Department's policies and practices that impact the lives of juvenile justice involved youth, including those who are incarcerated at the Youth Guidance Center and those who are on probation, cost-effectiveness of those services, and what efforts are underway to reduce the over-incarceration of youth of color, and identify opportunities for improvements; and requesting the Juvenile Probation Department, District Attorney, Public Defender, Department of P...


Receive report relating to Santa Clara County Oral Health Strategic Plan. (Horowitz)


Consider recommendations relating to the 5K fundraising event.

Student loan servicing.

CalWORKs eligibility: immunizations.