Issues related to healthcare, medicare, and any other issues regarding affordable care.

Urging the Department of Public Health to Respond to Concerns and Demands of the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Registered Nurses

Resolution urging the administrative staff of the Department of Public Health to include frontline Registered Nurses and Resident Physicians in their decision-making process; to implement, to the extent possible, an expedited hiring process to less than 90-days from receipt of application; to cease supplementing staffing requirements with Contract Registered Nurses by implementing, to the extent possible, a ceiling of 5% or less of total staff; to provide annual violence prevention and disaster-...

Juveniles: sealing of records.

Existing law establishes the California Discount Prescription Drug Program, which is administered by the State Department of Health Care Services, under which qualified individuals are provided with prescription drugs at reduced prices that result from rebate agreements between the department and drug manufacturers. Existing law requires all moneys received by the department pursuant to the administration of the program to be deposited into the California Discount Prescription Drug Program Fund,...


Receive report from the Behavioral Health Services Department relating to organizational activities.


Receive report from Emergency Medical Services Agency relating to the EMS Trust Fund.

Hearing - Treasure Island Clean-Up

Hearing to review the past, current, and future clean-up of toxins on Treasure Island dating back to 2013, and any protective measures to ensure there is no continuing risk to human health and the environment; and requesting the California Environmental Protection Agency, San Francisco Department of Public Health, Treasure Island Development Authority, and United States Department of the Navy to report.




Receive report from Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System relating to Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Proposals.