Issues related to budgets, funds, allocations, etc.


Motion directing the Clerk of the Board to prepare findings relating to the Board of Supervisors' decision to disapprove the Tentative Parcel Map for a 2-unit new construction condominium project located at 639 Peralta Avenue, Assessor’s Block No. 5634, Lot No. 014.

Employment: sexual harassment.

Department of Veterans Affairs: veterans’ services.


Receive report from the Office of the County Executive relating to existing space and master planning activities to support County operational needs as well as asset development efforts. (Held from October 20, 2016 Housing, Land Use, Environment, and Transportation Committee, Item No. 6)

Appropriation and De-Appropriation - Expenditures of $13,050,000 Supporting Wage Increase Requirements - Minimum Compensation Ordinance - FY2018-2019

Ordinance de-appropriating $13,050,000 from the City’s General Reserve, in General City Responsibility, and appropriating $13,050,000 to fund wage increase requirements of the Minimum Compensation Ordinance for non-profit organizations and public entities in FY2018-2019.

Public employees’ retirement: pension reform: excepted employees.

School facilities: California School Finance Authority: California Credit Enhancement Program.

Transportation funding.

Transportation funding.

Accept and Expend Grant - Retroactive - California Department of Health Care Services - Homeless Mentally Ill Outreach and Treatment Grant - $3,179,000

Resolution retroactively authorizing the Department of Public Health to accept and expend a grant in the total amount of $3,179,000 from the California Department of Health Care Services to participate in a program, entitled “Homeless Mentally Ill Outreach and Treatment,” for the period of January 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020, and waiving indirect costs.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.