Issues related to budgets, funds, allocations, etc.

Public health: pesticide: chlorpyrifos.

Insurance taxation: credit: College Access Tax Credit Fund.

Developmental services.

Strategic Growth Council: state funding signs.

Coastal resources: certification of local coastal programs.

Charter schools: classroom-based and nonclassroom-based instruction: blended learning charter schools.


Consider Inventory Item No. 2 relating to the Hakone Foundation and forward to the Board of Supervisors for consideration. (Simitian)

Business licenses: stormwater discharge compliance.

Proposition 47: evaluation study.


Consider Inventory Item No. 5 relating to the addition of one Program Manager position for the Office of LGBTQ affairs and forward to the Board of Supervisors for consideration. (Yeager)

Suicide prevention.

Career technical education: student organizations: funding.

Business practices: prepaid credit cards: refund choices.

California State Lottery: education finance.


Hazardous Materials Response and Restoration Subaccount.