Issues related to budgets, funds, allocations, etc.

Personal income taxes: credits: film.

Community-based services: Virtual Dental Home program.

Tribal gaming: regulatory costs.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: alternative fuels.

Public postsecondary education: tuition: enrollment fees.

Veteran Resource Centers Grant Program.

Hate crimes: law enforcement policies.

Preschool: privately funded pilot program: tax credits.


Consider revised recommendations relating to the development of a County framework for a Post-Secondary Educational Sponsorship Program. (Office of the County Executive) (Held from March 2, 2016, Finance and Government Operations Committee meeting, Item No. 4)


Ordinance retroactively appropriating $5,033,384 to overtime and de-appropriating $5,033,384 from permanent salaries, premium pay, and fringe benefits in the Sheriff’s Department, Police Department and the Public Utilities Commission’s operating budgets in order to support the Departments projected increases in overtime as required per Ordinance No. 194-11 in FY2014-2015.


Receive report from the Facilities and Fleet Department and the Office of the County Executive relating to the Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan for Fiscal Years 2018-2022.

Pupil enrollment: military dependents.

Gang Violence Suppression Program.

Beverage container recycling: pilot projects.

Insurance taxation: credit: College Access Tax Credit Fund.