Issues related to the environment, nature, and public well-being.


Consider recommendations from Office of the County Executive relating to development of a County Water Management Plan and Sustainable Landscaping Policy for County facilities and grounds.




Consider recommendations relating to Sustainability and Climate Action Reporting. (Office of the County Executive, Office of Sustainability)

Petitions and Communications

Petitions and Communications received from January 6, 2015, through January 16, 2015, for reference by the President to Committee considering related matters, or to be ordered filed by the Clerk on January 27, 2015. Personal information that is provided in communications to the Board of Supervisors is subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act and the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance. Personal information will not be redacted. From concerned citizens, regarding Happy Va...

Employee wages: payment.

Active Transportation Program: school zone safety projects.


Receive report from the Parks and Recreation Department relating to the Sanborn County Park Master Plan and forward a favorable recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.

Administrative, Police Codes - Programs for the Vehicular Homeless and Use of Vehicles for Human Habitation

Ordinance amending the Administrative Code to revise the requirement for the Controller to submit reports concerning the Safe Overnight Parking Pilot Program, and amending the Police Code to create an exception for participants in the Safe Overnight Parking Pilot Program to the prohibition on using a vehicle for human habitation.