Issues related to public education, youth programs, and policies effecting schools.

Secrecy agreements.

Concurrent enrollment in secondary school and community college.

Educational equity: immigration status.

Postsecondary education: student code of conduct: testing.

Military Lending Act

Federal Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000: extension.

Tribal gaming: compact ratification.

Pupil services: transportation.


Receive report from the Office of the County Executive relating to the County's Post-Secondary Educational Sponsorship Program.




Announcement relating to updated child care expense reimbursement policy.


Receive semi-annual report from the Social Services Agency, Department of Family and Children's Services, relating to the Child Abuse and Neglect Center.


Public Hearing to consider Adoption of Ordinance No. NS-300.929 adding Chapter XVII and Article I to Division A14 of Title A of the County of Santa Clara Ordinance Code relating to Academic Space Affordable Housing Impact Mitigation Fees within Stanford University Community Plan Area and Adoption of Resolution establishing Stanford University Community Plan Area Academic Space Affordable Housing Impact Mitigation Fee Amount and the Affordable Housing Fund. (File No. 111339-18CP) (District 5)