Issues related to public art installations and museums.

School facilities: military installations.

Existing federal law provides for construction funding assistance for elementary and secondary public schools that are located on United States military installations and that meet specified criteria. This bill would express the intent of the Legislature that assistance be provided to school districts in the 2015–16 fiscal year to meet the matching share requirement of a school construction grant made by the Office of Economic Adjustment of the federal Department of Defense to construct, renov...


(1) Existing law requires the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery to develop a comprehensive market development plan that will stimulate market demand in the state for postconsumer waste material and secondary waste material generated in the state. Existing law authorizes a local governing body, as defined, to propose eligible property within its jurisdiction as a recycling market development zone, as defined, and authorizes the department to designate recycling market development zo...

Budget and Legislative Analyst Audit of Homeless Services

Motion directing the Budget and Legislative Analyst to conduct a performance audit of homeless services in San Francisco, including: 1) an inventory of all homeless services with provider level specificity; 2) a review of homeless population data and needs assessments; 3) an evaluation of the contracting procedures for homeless services, including how contracted services meet assessed needs and are monitored for quality performance, with a particular focus on services targeting the homeless popu...


Adopt Resolution declaring weeds or brush growing and/or rubbish on certain described properties to be a public nuisance, and authorize the County Office of the Hearing Officer to schedule a public hearing on January 14, 2016 at 10:00 a.m., to consider objections to proposed destruction or removal of weeds, brush and/or rubbish. (Roll Call Vote)


Consider recommendations relating to various Amendments and Agreements for mental health services.


Consider recommendations relating to various Amendments and Agreements for mental health services.

Balboa Theatre Day - March 6, 2016

Resolution commending the Balboa Theatre on the occasion of its 90th anniversary and declaring March 6, 2016, as Balboa Theatre Day in the City and County of San Francisco.


Receive report from the Children, Seniors and Families Committee relating to the meeting of March 10, 2016. (Chavez)

Liquor License - 2665 Mission Street

Resolution determining that the issuance of a Type 64 general theatre license to Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, dba Gray Area, located at 2665 Mission Street (District 9), will serve the public convenience or necessity of City and County of San Francisco in accordance with California Business and Professions Code, Section 23958.4, and recommending that the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control impose conditions on the issuance of the license.


Approve retroactive Agreement with Unity Care Group relating to providing mental health services in an amount not to exceed $1,553,734 for period January 1, 2016 through June 30, 2016, that has been reviewed and approved by County Counsel as to form and legality. (Behavioral Health Department)