Santa Clara



Approve Request for Appropriation Modification No. 174 - $419,224 increasing revenue and expenditures in the District Attorney's Office budget, relating to the FY 2017 Victim Witness Assistance Program grant. (4/5 Roll Call Vote)


Public Hearing to consider the application for vacation of a 3,623 square foot portion of Montague Expressway right-of-way located between Sango Court and Capitol Avenue in the City of Milpitas.


Under advisement from November 15, 2016 (Item No. 86): Adoption of Ordinance No. NS-300.907 amending Sections 9, 106, and 235 of Division A6 of the Santa Clara County Ordinance Code relating to Family Care Expense Reimbursement.


Public Hearing to consider naming of areas of the Women and Children's Center at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.


Receive report from the Office of the County Executive relating to proposed changes to the County’s tree removal and notification procedures and revisions to Ordinance Code Division C16 – Tree Preservation and Removal.


Receive report from Parks and Recreation Department relating to Tree Management.