San Francisco



Hearing on whether short-term residential rental hosting platforms that do business in San Francisco have remitted all Transient Occupancy Taxes owed to the City, and the Treasurer/Tax Collector's efforts to collect such taxes; and requesting the Treasurer/Tax Collector to report.


Hearing on the new information compiled for the 2015 Point-in-Time Homeless Count.


Hearing to review the drafting of Building Code equivalencies related to recent legislation legalizing, and allowing for the development of new, accessory dwelling units; and requesting the Department of Building Inspection and Planning Department to report.


Hearing to receive an update on the hiring of registered nurses at San Francisco General Hospital Emergency and Trauma Center, and to consider how opening of the new hospital may be impacting emergency nurse hiring for current trauma services; and requesting the Department of Public Health to report.


Hearing to review the survey by the San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Center on LGBT safety; and requesting the Human Rights Commission to report.


Hearing on the City's policy approach toward private commuter shuttles; and requesting the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to report.


Hearing to review City practices related to driver's license suspensions, citations that can lead to driver's license suspensions, and collection practices for court-ordered debt; and requesting various departments and agencies to report.


Hearing to address programs concerning senior isolation and adequate mental health services for San Francisco's senior population; and requesting the Department of Public Health, the Department of Aging and Adult Services, the Human Services Agency, and other related departments to report.


Hearing on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency's (SFMTA) Glen Park Streetscape Improvement Plan, including the intersection of Diamond and Bosworth Streets, the project's overly lengthy timeline, high cost, missing scope including left turn signals, and overall lack of communication; and requesting the SFMTA to report.


Ordinance amending the Planning Code to require that massage establishments, with certain exceptions, obtain a Conditional Use permit; to establish a legitimization program for certain massage establishments; and to make conforming amendments; affirming the Planning Department’s determination under the California Environmental Quality Act; and making findings, including findings of public necessity, convenience, and welfare under Planning Code, Section 302, and findings of consistency with the G...